Al Gord
B. Sc., B. Ed., OCT
ADHD Coach and Educational Advocate
$150+ HST (Individuals ADHD)
$160+ HST (Couples ADHD)
$180+ HST (Family ADHD, Parent Coaching & School Consultation)
$200+ HST (Educational Advocacy)

Prior to becoming an ADHD Coach, Al Gord was an educational leader for one of the largest public school boards in Ontario. He is a member of the Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance (CADDRA). With over two decades of experience working with neuro-diverse adolescents and their families, in the education system, Al has expertise working with a diverse client population. He is deeply committed to encouraging and supporting the holistic development (i.e., of school/career, social life/relationships, physical health and emotional health) of youth, young adults and adults with ADHD. As well he provides educational advocacy for students and their families in the elementary, secondary and post-secondary systems.

Al’s gift is his ability to connect with others and to understand their needs. His warm, caring and client-centered approach is central in the work that he does. Focusing on the whole person, he is committed to helping each individual understand their unique profile. Using the client’s lived experience and routines, Al will provide personalized strategies and client specific goals to help guide the development of new habits and practices for success.

Al is passionate about helping clients with ADHD reach their full social, emotional, and academic/career potential. He creates a safe place for individuals to grow, by teaching systems, structures and tools using an evidence based, solution oriented, goal setting approach, which celebrates client strengths, individualities and lived experiences. He is a diversity and inclusion ally and equity affirmative.

In his spare time Al enjoys working out, playing tennis, meditating, hiking, and painting.

Al is accepting new clients, with ADHD, for individual, parent, family, and couples coaching sessions as well as school consultations. He works with clients anywhere in the province of Ontario. All sessions are virtual.